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Notice on Further Strengthening the Pre-departure Tests and Health Code Application for Passengers to China
2021-09-01 10:09

To further secure cross-border travel and standardize the pre-departure health code application for passengers to China, the relevant requirements are hereby notified by the Chinese Embassy as follows by referring to the latest requirements of the Chinese government:

1.Standardizing the requirements for uploading vaccine certificates

1.1Those fully vaccinated (irrespective of vaccine types) are required to upload vaccination certificates issued by places of vaccination or official institutions.

1.2 The vaccination certificate shall include such information as name of person, ID number, vaccine brand and type, place and date of vaccination, etc. in Chinese or English. For instance, vaccination certificates with verifiable QR codes, vaccination records via Health Hub, vaccination certificates issued by hospitals or clinics, or screenshots of vaccination certificate via Wechat Health App, etc.

1.3 Those vaccinated in Singapore shall upload the certificates with verifiable QR codes if eligible to apply for vaccination certificates with verifiable QR codes. Please apply for vaccination certificate and plan your trip once fully vaccinated, and ensure that QR codes are complete and identifiable while uploading the certificates.

1.4 If the vaccination certificates cannot be verified by QR codes, passengers shall upload the vaccination certificates together with Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination. (see the Annex, and please note that Chinese nationals must sign their full Chinese names in Block Letter).

2. Standardizing the time limit for health code application

2.1 If the flights take off before dawn or in the morning, passengers shall submit the application no later than 08:00 p.m. of the day before. For flights departing at noon, in the afternoon and evening, passenger shall submit the application no later than 4 hours before departure.

1.2 It will take a certain period of time to manually review the health code application due to the numbers of required documents. Passengers shall prepare vaccination certificates, round-trip tickets and other required documents in advance, and take the testing promptly within the required testing period (please note that passengers shall take the testing 2 days before departure date, but not within 48 hours before departure. If your flight takes off on Wednesday, you are advised to take the testing on Monday morning) and ask the clinic for emergency contact number. After you received the correct and required test memos, please apply for your health code as soon as possible.

1.3 While applying for health code, please give priority to fill in your Singapore local phone number or ensure that your Chinese phone number is reachable. If your application is returned, please read the noted reason carefully and upload the required documents again. Those who fail to apply for the health codes promptly or upload incomplete or non-standardized documents shall be responsible for the delay of their journey incurred.

3. Standardizing the application by those with close contact history and suspected symptoms of COVID-19 before departure

3.1 Passengers who have history of close contact with confirmed or suspected cases or have suspected symptoms of COVID-19 are eligible to apply for health codes by taking PCR and serology antibody tests 28 days after they have been free from close contact or suspected symptoms. For instance, if passengers had close contact with confirmed cases on 1 August, or the suspected symptoms disappeared on 1 August, 29 August is the earliest date for PCR and serology antibody tests,whereas the test results before 29 August are invalid.

3.2 For special cases to shorten the relevant time limit, please contact the Embassy in advance to fulfil the relevant quarantine and testing procedures.

4. Standardizing the vaccination of COVID-19 vaccines

4.1 Those vaccinated with two doses of inactivated vaccine on the same day or have not been vaccinated in accordance with the local procedures shall be regarded as the unvaccinated.

4.2 For those both vaccinated with inactivated and inactivated vaccines, please contact the Embassy in advance to report the specific situation and take corresponding tests as instructed by the Embassy.

The Embassy would remind that during the COVID-19 pandemic, passengers shall follow the principle of “no travel for non-essential or non-urgent reasons”. Passengers flying to Chinese mainland for essential reasons are kindly advised to follow the Embassy website and Wechat public account, and access the requirements for pre-departure test and health code application in advance. Please pay special attention to such requirements as testing type, standardized format of test memo, travel to China 14 days after full vaccination, pre-departure procedures for recovered COVID-19 cases, avoidance of flying to Chinese mainland via transit from Singapore(including those who transfer to China after entering Singapore from third countries) .

The Notice on Airline Boarding Requirement for Certificates of Negative Nucleic Acid and Serology Tests Results has been updated and please refer to the link below for specific requirements: http://www.chinaembassy.org.sg/eng/lsfw/t1829090.htm

Please log in to Guide System for Pre-departure Health Code Application (https://wj.qq.com/s2/6485696/5778/ ), and select the option in accordance with your personal circumstances to access the required documents for health code application.

Guide System for Pre-departure Health Code Application

For Enquiry:

+65-81296456(8:30AM----12:30PM,2:30PM----6:30PM Monday----Friday, except Holidays)



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