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Visa for Macao SAR of China

Singapore Citizen

Singapore citizen holding a Singapore passport may travel to Macao SAR visa-free for a short visit or tourism.

Non-Singapore Citizen

1. Visas are required for citizens from Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam to enter Macao SAR. However, the diplomatic passport holder from the above-mentioned 6 countries may enter Macao SAR without visa.

2. For the citizens of other countries, they may either enter Macao SAR without visa or make an entry permit (visa-upon-arrival) application upon their arrival at Macao. Please check the visa-free arrangements or visa requirements by visiting the website of Macao SAR Public Security Police Force. www.fsm.gov.mo/psp/eng/psp_top5_2_1.html

3. How to apply for a Macao SAR visa:

A. For those who are required a visa to Macao SAR, the applicants can either apply the visa directly to the Immigration service of Macao SAR Public Security Police Force or apply the visa through the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Singapore.

B. You may apply for a landing upon arrival in Macao SAR (some exclusions apply, check the website of Macao SAR Public Security Police Force for detailed info).

C. Follow the guidelines for Macao SAR Visa and prepare required supporting documents with your application.

D. Processing Time: 10 working days or more.

E. Fees and payments: If your application needs to be referred to Macao SAR Public Security Police Force for processing, you are required to pay a communication fee of $30 SGD to the Embassy prior to submission of your application, in addition to the Macao SAR visa fee ($50 SGD) which is charged once your visa is approved. Otherwise, you must pay directly to Macao SAR Government as instructed.

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