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Scholars, students in Singapore support China's Anti-Secession Law

Singapore and Chinese scholars, academicians, entrepreneurs and students on March 15 expressed their firm support to the Anti-Secession Law adopted by China's National People's Congress one day before.

Ambassador Zhang speaks at the symposium


Speaking at a symposium on the law held by the Chinese embassy in Singapore, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yun stressed the importance of the new law, which will enhance the cross-Straits relations and promote the peaceful national reunification.


 "The purpose of the law is to oppose and check the secessionist activities of the 'Taiwan independence' forces so as to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits, preserve China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and safeguard the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation," the ambassador said.


A score of participants agreed that the formulation and adoption of this Anti-Secession Law is both necessary and timely.


Scholars from Singapore make their remarks at the symposium


 Embodying the common will of the Chinese people, the law serves as a milestone in China's peaceful reunification cause, they said, who all wished the early peaceful reunification of China.

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